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Connected Potential joins SponsorChange!

Posted on April 27th, 2015  Posted by Raymar Hampshire
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We are excited to highlight Connected Potential, our first social impact organization to sign up and create a project on SponsorChange's new platform!

Check out their SponsorChange Profile here:

Connected Potential is a web-driven service dedicated to providing young adults with the advice, resources, and personal/professional connections needed to implement a social good project. We aim to expand professional development opportunities for young adults and positive impact in the community by giving young adults the tools to implement the projects that energize and inspire them.

Through our guided six-week program, we connect soon to graduate college students or recent grads with business advisors and field experts, taking them through the process of initiating their own community-driven project as a pathway to build credentials and expertise in an area they are passionate about.

Ways to support Connected Potential
1) Check out more information on Connected Potential by visiting their website here.

2) Help crowdfund their project; funding is used to reward volunteers with a direct student loan payment.  For as little as $5 you can help a volunteer that gives back, pay back!  This means that the volunteer and connected potential both benefit!

To sponsor visit Connected Potential's project page here.

3) Invite others to sponsor their project as well!

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