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Change Agent Reflection: Alanna Kellogg

Posted on January 15th, 2016  Posted by Raymar Hampshire
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I first discovered SponsorChange when I read an article about it, I was intrigued that I could earn student loan payments by volunteering. Immediately after reading the article I went to the website and read more about how it worked and it seemed like such a genius idea to me. People could sponsor projects, I could apply to the ones that fit my college degree and experience the best, and then SponsorChange would make a payment directly to one of my student loans.

I instantly signed up and began searching for projects that I could apply to. I discovered a project for SponsorChange and applied. The application process was very straightforward – just upload your résumé and state why you’re interested in this project. I completed a brief interview stating why I was interested, further explaining my experience level, and learning a little bit more about the project. Shortly after that I was notified that I was awarded the opportunity. I think the best thing about SponsorChange is that they also allow you to raise extra money towards the project, the more money that you raise means the higher your loan payment will be. Anyone struggling with those outrageous student loans is going to love that!

The way SponsorChange is set up with the projects is very helpful because there are milestones that need to be checked off by the nonprofit organization seeking help and the volunteer on the project. I think this is a great way to keep everyone on track to meeting the deadline.


I also had a call with SponsorChange once a week where we discussed the status of the project, reviewed any materials that were completed, and planned next steps. Within a week of completing the project, I received the payment directly to my loan provider. The entire process was very easy and enjoyable. I was given an opportunity to help out a nonprofit while earning money that would be paid directly to my student loans. On top of that, I gained valuable, real-life experience in my career path.

My experience with SponsorChange was extremely positive and I’m constantly checking their site for more projects that I can apply for. I’m always telling people about it as well in hopes that they’ll be inspired to fund a project on the site to help others in my position that are looking for a way to make extra loan payments.



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