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Blogger Extraordinaire

We have a unique and valuable story to tell, and need help telling them.

Impact Narratives

Trinidad, CO

Skills: Communications Marketing

01 Sep 2015Starting Date

31 Mar 2016End Date

$1,000Student Loan Pay


Fundraising Volunteer

As a non-profit rural theater, we are always in need of new fundraising strategi

Fundraising Strategy

Trinidad, CO

Skills: Branding Fundraising & Sales

01 Sep 2015Starting Date

30 Apr 2016End Date

$1,000Student Loan Pay


Sound, Lighting and Musical Enhancemen

Technician for sound and lighting with instrumental support of worship teams.

Technology Deployment

Longview, WA

Skills: Information Technology Other

20 Aug 2015Starting Date

20 Aug 2016End Date

$1,000Student Loan Pay


Planned Giving

NPFM is launching a Planned Giving project to diversify income sources. Process

Communication Development

Minneapolis, MN

Skills: Communications Digital Marketing

01 Oct 2015Starting Date

18 Dec 2015End Date

$1,000Student Loan Pay


Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Strengthen the library’s image, increase library use by our residents and crea

Marketing & Communications

Homewood, IL

Skills: Branding Marketing

01 Jan 2016Starting Date

30 Jun 2016End Date

$1,000Student Loan Pay


Website Beautification

We have a Wordpress account and basic website built. We need someone knowledgeab

Website Design

Posted by: Project-44

Fort Worth, TX

Skills: Branding Graphic Design

31 Aug 2015Starting Date

07 Sep 2015End Date

$1,000Student Loan Pay


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