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Sister Of NEW Corp.

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By: Sister Of NEW Corp.

FL, United States

Sister of N.E.W Corp. will be uniquely positioned to help Unions, contractor and Developer's employ more trades women. Sister of N.E.W. Corp will improve Florida's Construction industry workforce by preparing reliable, motivated individuals for the skilled trades. Our focus is on developing workforce
opportunities and empowering women to gain industry knowledge and employment opportunities, facilitating the ability to leave the public assistance system, or begin a career that offers higher wages and is more sustainable.

The result will be, moving families out of poverty by training women for self sufficiency wage jobs with a future. The program in which the founder envisions is multifaceted, comprehensive, and innovative. The community has a tremendous need for empowering women of low income and veterans, the
opportunity of retraining into an industry of higher wage potential.

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  • Community
  • Veterans & Service Members
  • Women

Project Description

Sister of NEW main goal is to get low income women off of government assistance and place them in construction workforce.
The goal of the program is to provide occupational training of construction skills and on the job experience
as well as basic educational services and workplace
specific counseling.
The target population for Sister of N.E.W. program is the community's most economically, occupationally, and
educationally disadvantaged young women, and single mothers
Increasing women's access to nontraditional jobs is a compelling strategy for family economic self sufficiency for several reasons. Most importantly, compared to jobs that are traditional for women, nontraditional jobs can provide better wages
and benefits than the traditionally female jobs.


August 2, 2016 to August 2, 2017



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