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Community Connections

Non-Profit , Conway, AR

Community Connections is a non-profit organization in central Arkansas providing extra-curricular activities for children with special needs & support for their families.

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Organization Description

Community Connections is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities and their families. Many children with special needs live in a cycle of school and therapy with little opportunity for extra-curricular activity. At the same time, families of children who are diagnosed with disabilities often lack education and a support network. Community Connections was established in 2005 when Todd and Amy Denton (owners of Pediatrics Plus Therapy Services) and some of their staff saw that many children with disabilities did not have the opportunity to play sports and participate in the arts like their siblings and peers. From this need, Community Connections was created to provide extra-curricular activities for children with disabilities and support for their families.


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CONWAY, AR, United States

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