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About Us


We empower volunteers by creating a pathway to meaningful skill-based project opportunities at social impact organizations, while helping volunteers raise funding to pay down their student loan debt.



Our Story

SponsorChange started with a simple question, how can we increase volunteerism in the social sector? We wanted to understand why people volunteer at nonprofits and, importantly, why people do not volunteer. We did the research, read tons of literature, and conducted surveys. We concluded that the ability to volunteer is a privilege that not everyone has the time and resources to afford.

We then knew we had to not just create another site listing volunteering opportunities, but a new approach that would enable more people to reap the benefits of volunteering and contribute to their communities. SponsorChange decided to reward volunteer service, because good work deserves to be rewarded, and everyone deserves the opportunity to meaningfully contribute. So we did something bold and different and went out and raised funding from citizen philanthropists. We started rewarding volunteers who completed skill-based projects at Pittsburgh nonprofits with direct student loan payments.

Ever since, we've been helping volunteers who give back, pay back. Organizations list projects on our site and receive the talent they need. Volunteers find projects and build their skills by doing something they love. And Sponsors, or what we call "Philanthroteers" (Philanthropist + Volunteer), get to invest in human capital that fuels the social sector. It's a win-win-win.


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