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How do I apply for a volunteer project?

Once a project has received at least 20% or $200 from sponsors an "Apply Now" button will be visible. Until then, projects will only display a "Sponsor Now" button. As a Change Agent we encourage you to share projects and help organizations raise funding. As an organization, we encourage you to pitch in to kick start funding for projects you create.

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Washington, DC (let's grab coffee if you are in the District!) and we are currently offering our service throughout the United States.

When are you coming to my city?

Our service is currently offered nationally. As more social impact organizations register on our site more projects will be offered. Some projects can be accomplished remotely as not all host organizations will require Change Agents (our name for volunteers) to be on-site. We encourage you to reach out to social impact organizations where you currently volunteer or are interested in volunteering and invite them to create a profile on SponsorChange.

Do you directly sponsor social impact organizations?

No, all funding donated by Philanthroteers (our name for sponsors) is directly transferred to the student loan accounts of Change Agents after the completion of projects.

As a Philanthroteer am I taxed on funds I donate to projects?

In most cases individual Philanthroteers will not be taxed on the funds they contribute. These funds are classified as gifts to the Change Agent and will not be taxed. The exception is if an individual Philanthroteer makes a gift or series of gifts that total more than $14,000 to one individual Change Agent within one calendar year. In that case any funds above the amount of $14,000 are subject to taxation. For more information visit the IRS Gift Tax Information


As a Change Agent do I need to pay taxes on funds I raise?

In most cases Change Agents do not pay taxes on the funds raised from individual Philanthroteers, unless one Philanthroteer contributes more than $14,000 within a single calendar year. Raised funds under $14,000 are classified as gifts.

How do I register as a Change Agent?

You can register by visiting the Join Now page.

How much money can I receive towards my student loans?

Each project will net you at least $200, however you can raise up to $1,000 per project. There is no cap to how many projects you can complete.

How does my organization receive applications?

Once your project has received at least $200 from sponsors you will be able to receive applications from Change Agents. We encourage you to kick off funding by sponsoring any amount towards your project. Sharing your project is also a good way to raise funding.

How long is a project?

Projects are designed to be short-term and typically require about 40-50 hours of effort and should be completed within 3 months.

Do you have to be a college graduate or current college student to be a Change Agent?

Current students, graduate students, and alumni with student loan debt are eligible.

Can I complete projects remotely?

Yes, some projects can be accomplished remotely depending on the needs and requirements of the host organization. If you do not see any projects available that fit your interests and skills reach out to your favorite organizations and encourage them to sign up at SponsorChange.

Will SponsorChange help me get a job?

SponsorChange does not offer job placement services or guarantee employment as a result of completing projects. However, Change Agents have been offered jobs after completing projects through SponsorChange. The project experience you gain by completing skills-based projects can also be included on your resume.

How do I get started?

You can get started by visiting the How it Works page. On this page you will see a step-by-step guide for social impact organizations, Change Agents, and Philanthroteers.

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